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Jul 18, 2019 - 07:38 AM
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VoidZero IRC Network FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Category: Main -> Services FAQ
   NickServ FAQ
,    ChanServ FAQ
,    MemoServ FAQ

·  What is Services ?
·  What Services are provided on VoidZero ?
·  How can I make Services speak my language ?

·  What is Services ?

IRC Services (also called just "Services" for short) is a system of services to be used on the VoidZero IRC Network. Services provides for definitive nickname and channel ownership, as well as the ability to send messages ("memos") to offline users, thus allowing us to make your chatting experience more pleasurable.

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·  What Services are provided on VoidZero ?

VoidZero provides its users with NickServ, ChanServ and MemoServ.
NickServ allows users to "register" nicknames, and will prevent users other than the registrant from using them.
ChanServ allows users to register channels as well. A channel's owner can give privileges to other users of the channel, such as auto-opping or the ability to set various channel options, or conversely deny other users the ability to obtain channel operator privileges or even enter the channel altogether. Services will remember the topic on the channel even after the last user leaves, and can automatically set modes on the channel whenever a user joins it.
MemoServ provides a "memo" system, allowing users to leave messages for other users even if the recipient is not online at the time; the recipient will be notified of the memo the next time they log on.

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·  How can I make Services speak my language ?

The IRC Services on VoidZero speak many languages. In order to have them speak your language, you first have to use a registered nickname (see the NickServ FAQ on how to register your NickName).

Once you've identified to your registered NickName, issue the following command:

/msg NickServ SET LANGUAGE <number>

Replacing <number> with one of the numbers in the following list:

1) English
2) Nederlands (Dutch)
3) Franšais (French)
4) Deutsch (German)
5) Magyar (Hungarian)
6) Italian
7) (Japanese / EUC encoding)
8) (Japanese / SJIS encoding)
9) Portugues (Portuguese)
10) Espa˝ol (Spanish)
11) Turkce (Turkish)

Now Services will always adress you in the language you've selected providing you're using the nickname for which you've issued the SET LANGUAGE command.

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