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Jul 18, 2019 - 07:18 AM
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VoidZero IRC Network FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Category: Main -> Services FAQ -> NickServ FAQ

·  What is NickServ ?
·  How do I register my NickName ?
·  How do I authenticate my E-Mail ?
·  How do I Identify to NickServ ?
·  What is NickServ's ACCESS list ?

·  What is NickServ ?

NickServ is the Services Robot which handles everything related to nicknames on the VoidZero IRC Network. It allows you to register your nickname so that nobody else can use it on the network (even when you're not connected). With a registered nickname you can benefit from the services provided by the other Services Robots such as ChanServ for registering and administrating your own IRC Channel and MemoServ for exchanging memos with other registered users which are not on IRC at the moment.

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·  How do I register my NickName ?

NickName registration on VoidZero is provided by NickServ. In order to register your nickname, you must be logged on IRC and using the nickname you want to register. Then issue the following command:

/msg NickServ register <password> <email>

Replacing <password> by your desired password for this nickname and <email> with a valid email (this email can be hidden to other users once registration is over). NickServ will send a message with an authentication code to this address, which you must use with the AUTH command to complete your registration.

For additionnal information on the register command, on IRC type /msg NickServ help register

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·  How do I authenticate my E-Mail ?

Once you've issued the register command and initiated the registration process for your nickname, or you have changed the email address we have on record for your nickname, you will be asked to provide an authentication code in order to make your NickName registration valid. This code is sent to you at the time of registration/change to the email address you provided.

Once you have received the code, log in to IRC and issue the following command while using your newly registered nickname:

/msg NickServ AUTH <authcode>

Replacing <authcode> by the code you got in your email. Once this has been done, your NickName registration or email address change is completed.

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·  How do I Identify to NickServ ?

Identifying to NickServ is necessary each time you connect to IRC or change your nickname to one that you have registered. Depending on which settings you have enabled (SECURE and KILL) not identifying will lead to your nickname being changed or you being disconnected by NickServ.

In order to identify to NickServ issue the following command:

/msg NickServ identify <password>

Where <password> is the password you provided when you registered your nickname.

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·  What is NickServ's ACCESS list ?

It is a list of user@host addresses which will be automatically recognized by NickServ as being allowed to use the nickname. If you connect to IRC with an address on this list, you will not be affected by the nick's SET KILL setting, and if the SECURE option is disabled, you will be able to receive auto-op and other privileges in channels without using the IDENTIFY command.

For more information on the NickServ's access list and how to use it, issue the following command on IRC: /msg NickServ help access

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