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Jul 18, 2019 - 06:37 AM
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VoidZero IRC Network FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Category: Main -> Services FAQ -> ChanServ FAQ

·  What is ChanServ ?
·  How do I register my channel ?

·  What is ChanServ ?

ChanServ is the Services Robot which handles everything related to channels on the VoidZero IRC Network. In order to access ChanServ's functions, you need to have a registered NickName (see the nickserv FAQ for how to registered your nickname).

Registering a channel makes you the owner of the channel. Using ChanServ services you will be able to set various options regarding the many aspects of a channel life (eg. Topic retention, Mode Locks). You will also be able to give others distinctive or authoritative status using the different ACCESS lists ChanServ provides.

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·  How do I register my channel ?

In order to register your channel, you must have registered and identified for your nickname. You must also be in the channel you want to register and have Operator status in it.
Registration is done by issuing the following command:

/msg ChanServ register <#channel> <password> <description>

Replace <#channel> by the channel name including the #, <password> is to be replaced by the password you want to use at a later time to administer your channels properties and <description> has to be replaced with a brief description of the channel's purpose.

For more information on registering a channel, please refer to ChanServ's online help by doing "/msg ChanServ help register" on IRC

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