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Server Software Update Scheduled
Date: Saturday, July 17 @ 03:35:41
Topic VoidZero - Official Announcements

A server software upgrade is scheduled to take place between Monday July 19th and Friday July 23rd. During this period, the IRC network might experience some connectivity issues. However, these issues should not last longer than a few minutes and you should be able to resume normal activities after.

This upgrade will adress some security issues aswell as implement new features such as a DCCALLOW system and a special ban type which allows to stop nickchanges. More information o­n the new features will be posted o­nce the upgrade is complete.

Should you have any problems before or during the upgrades, you can contact Sodapop_R_P at the moment of the upgrade via text message or any member of the staff via MemoServ before or after the upgrade. Thank you for your comprehension.

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