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Server Update Schedule
Date: Tuesday, July 20 @ 16:26:53
Topic VoidZero - Official Announcements

Below is the list of the time and date that each server will be upgraded at. The downtime of each server should only be a few minutes but may last up to 30 minutes.
07/21/2004 3PM EST (12PM PST)

07/21/2004 5PM EST (2PM PST)

07/22/2004 4PM EST (1PM PST)

A global notice will be sent out approximately 10 minutes before each server is upgraded.
Should you have any problems before or during the upgrades, you can contact Sodapop_R_P at the moment of the upgrade via text message or any
member of the staff via MemoServ before or after the upgrade.

Thank you for your comprehension.

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