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Server Updates Complete!
Date: Thursday, July 22 @ 16:54:35
Topic VoidZero - Official Announcements

All of the servers have been updated successfully with as little downtime as possible. These updates have added a few new features to the network.
These features include:

- a spamfilter system to help protect users against malicious scripts or mass msging that tell you to goto some website to fix problems when infact they are infecting you with viruses.

- DCCALLOW system that by default blocks DCC sends that may contain viruses or other harmful software. For more information on the DCCALLOW system type: /DCCALLOW HELP or /quote DCCALLOW HELP into your IRC Client.

- New user mode +D (Deaf). When set makes it so you will not recieve any private messages.

- New channel mode +j (Join Throttle) It gives you the ability to set a per-user flood protection for joins
in the format of: /mode #mychannel +j <joins>:<seconds>
allows only <joins> # of joins in <seconds> number of seconds.

- Other features include complete Open Proxy scanning, all servers now scan for Open (insecure) Proxies.

- We have also made some internal changes that will help with netsplits and will help us complete the online nick/channel registration system.

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